Strengthening Your Organization’s Reputation Online

As NCI Centers, we take great pride in our organization’s reputation in cancer treatment and research. Typically, when your organization has a strong and positive reputation, a reputation strategy exists and is reinforced however may not be a main priority to optimize.

However, with increasing cancer care providers and the growing demand of consumers online, it is essential that we speak for our brand online not only on our owned platforms such as our website, portals, blogs and social platforms but also on those platforms where we have earned brand presence.

To be successful, your Find a Doctor and location data must be a clean, clear and concise source to reference. Managing your Find a Doctor directory is not enough, it’s the other 20-plus directories online that should concern you.

Can you remember when Google launched Google My Business in the summer of 2014 and businesses scrambled to validate listings Google generated in the top right of its results page? For some health systems, it meant validating several locations and hundreds of clinicians using Google’s methodology.

Each online clinical directory found on sites, such as US News with Doximity, WebMD and Healthgrades to name a few, have their own third-party information streams, methodology and system for updating your clinicians.

Once you have mastered how to audit and update these sites with or without clinician participation, you have to consider sites a bit more difficult to manage such as association and payer sites.

If the strategy seems too robust and you need to phase over time, consider auditing your clinician and location listings first for accuracy, once those are addressed you can team up with your social media experts to assess comments and reviews to develop workflows.

Bandwidth constraints and not sure where to find the resources for this strategy? Look within your team and their skill set. Can your social media team use monitoring technology or oversee these online citations? Do you have someone strong in Excel and Analytics that likes to audit information and dig into details? Is there a blooming leader on your team that requires a project to manage end to end using a diverse skill set of digital mindset, data mining and communication?

There are several strategic partners in addition to your digital agencies that can support your team if you prefer to fund this strategy, such as Yext,, and Press Ganey Binary Fountain.

If you have a strong online reputation to reinforce amongst several earned online platforms that could generate traffic to your brand, is it not a worthwhile strategy to engage at your organization?

If you’re joining your PAMN colleagues at the annual conference in Oklahoma City, hosted by Stephenson Cancer Center at the Skirvin Hilton, learn more at the April 9th 11:15 a.m. session specifically on Online Reputation Management.

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