PAMN Admins: Update Your myPAMN Membership List

It’s time to update those membership lists! The myPAMN portal has a member directory that can be searched by institution and individual member. It’s important that the directory is kept up to date because it serves as our distribution list for all PAMN email communication. It’s also an important perk for PAMN members to be able to find and connect with the marketing and communications teams at other centers. Only administrators can update their member institution’s member lists.

*Important: Each individual member must log in and create his or her account in order to be added to our email list and keep receiving the PAMN Post e-newsletter and other email communications. If you have just been added to the list by your PAMN administrator and have yet to claim your member account, then you will not be added to our email list.

Managing your PAMN Account: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add or delete members as an administrator for my institution?

Institutional administrators have the special privilege of adding and deleting members from your center’s membership and managing the payment status for your center.

To add members:

  • Once logged in to myPAMN, an institution admin can invite a new user to join their group by clicking the ‘invite-members’ button on the lefthand menu of the myPAMN dashboard
  • The invited member will receive an email prompting him or her to log in per the above “Current PAMN Member” process

To delete members:

Once logged in, an institution administrator can also delete individual members by following these steps:

  • Click on member directory
  • Click on a member who you want to delete
  • Click on settings under a member
  • Click delete account

Remember, this permanently deletes a member so use this feature carefully.

How do I check my institution’s member list?

  1. Log on to the myPAMN Portal at If you have not yet created an individual account for yourself, see the steps below to do so.
  2. Click on myPAMN in the top righthand corner of the site.
  3. Click on “member directory.”
  4. Search and find your Institution’s listing (make sure you are sorting by Institutions)
  5. Once on your institution’s page, you will see the list of members associated with your institution.

How do I set up an individual myPAMN account?

If you are an existing member of PAMN, you may already have an account within myPAMN that you need to claim and complete. Follow the few simple steps below to see if your account exists, set up your password and be on your way to exploring the perks of our portal.

  • Visit this link (
  • Enter your cancer center email address
  • If your email address is found, you will receive an email with a temporary password to sign in here

What do I do if it says there is no user registered with my email address, or I am a new member on PAMN?

If you’re trying to set up your individual member account and it is giving you an error, you may not be in our system yet or your email address may be misspelled or different from the one you are trying to enter. First, you should try contacting your center administrator to have them check to see if your name is listed on your center’s membership within myPAMN. If it is, contact us at to verify and/or correct your email address within our directory.

If you are not listed in your center’s membership list, your administrator can invite you by following the steps listed below under “how do I add or delete members as an administrator for my institution”?

If your institution is a current member but you have yet to sign up as an individual member, you should contact the administrator of your center’s PAMN membership and request to be added. Not sure who the administrator is for your PAMN membership? Email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I sign my institution/cancer center up for membership?

If you’re looking to sign up as a new institutional member of PAMN, simply click here and follow the prompts to complete registration.


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