An affinity group is a way to bring together individuals with a common interest or purpose. At PAMN, we value the idea of our members keeping up to date with the latest developments in the areas of communications, marketing and public affairs while providing a means to network with others who have similar roles at their respective cancer centers.

As we grow as an organization, we want to continue to be at the forefront of key issues across the cancer landscape. PAMN has developed affinity groups that specialize in these key areas:

  • Community Outreach and Engagement/Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Digital Strategies
  • Event Management and Promotion
  • Media Relations
  • Physician Relations

We are looking for volunteers to assist with these groups.  Volunteers can consist of key communicators at your institution who can help drive these efforts.

Community Outreach and Engagement and Diversity Equity and Inclusion

The Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) for NCI-designated cancer centers and aspiring centers is the gold standard for how cancer care is researched, delivered and communicated.  Two key components of the CCSG are Community Outreach and Engagement (COE) and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), which are vital to understand barriers in breaking down disparities and promoting health equity. This group will work to create synergies between PAMN professionals and COE leaders across the nation to solidify and engage diverse populations to improve DEI across the spectrum. The goal of this group is to work with DEI professionals to effectively develop communication strategies that create diverse inclusive environments across cancer centers, and to disseminate best practices.

Proposed composition:

  • PAMN members with experience in Community Outreach and Engagement operations
  • Community Outreach and Engagement leaders (partnering with ASPO)
  • Patient advocates and community organizations
  • DEI leaders (partnering with academia and national organizations)
  • DEI advocates and community organizations

PAMN Leader: Dr. Matthew Huesser

Digital Strategies

Oncology care in the U.S. is changing rapidly. Both the oncology patient’s and his or her provider’s cancer care experience will be completely different a decade from now, driven, in large part, by the increased implementation of digital health technology both inside and outside of the treatment center.  This affinity group will assist in helping PAMN members enhance their digital media experiences through innovative practices.  The goal of this group is to understand the cancer digital landscape and share best practices with our membership.

Proposed composition

  • PAMN members with experience in various areas related to digital strategies including web development, digital content creation, social media, CRM, etc.

PAMN Leader: Javier De Jesus

Event Management and Promotion

Professionals executing events and promotions at NCI-designated and AACI cancer centers are a niche group of people. It is our role to foster collaboration and interactions between faculty, staff and the community. In this field, it can be confusing as we think about identifying target audiences, devising promotion strategies and allocating resources and funds. In this affinity group, we will exchange best practices, enhance our skillset and explore experiences from our colleagues at other institutions. This affinity group will discuss tips and tricks on how to execute small and large events/conferences, all while ensuring active engagement with our desired audiences. The goal is to provide an inclusive network where we can learn about successful initiatives at other NCI-designated institutions and improve our own event management practices.

Proposed composition:

  • PAMN Members who lead events, high-level meetings and conferences.
  • PAMN Members who have experience with event promotion.

PAMN Leader: Jessica Leib

Media Relations

Media relations operations can be overwhelming. Having a network of experienced individuals that you can rely on will ease the undue pressures that may exist.  The right message, the right channel, and the right audience are key to successful internal communication operations.  This affinity group looks to provide guidance for PAMN members who are handling media relations at their institutions. The goal is to provide a network of individuals that can meet at national meetings to develop and strengthen relationships and provide mentorship to junior members.

Proposed composition:

  • PAMN members with experience in media relations

PAMN Leader: Jane Kollmer and Kim Polacek

Physician Relations

Referral relationships with medical providers are of paramount importance for any cancer center. The role of the physician relations professional continues to evolve as we broaden our tactics. This established affinity group meets every month to share best practices, dive into hot topics, and discuss the provider community they serve. The goal of this group is to identify and share business development strategies that elevate our cancer center relationships.

Proposed composition:

  • PAMN members who lead a physician relations team/department
  • PAMN members with experience in business development / provider referral relationships
  • PAMN members who are on a physician relations team where oncology is a primary program
  • PAMN members who lead or create physician-directed marketing materials

PAMN Leaders: Barbara Buesse and Ashley Snowden

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