Do You Know Your National Partners?

In an enlightening session at our April Annual Conference called “Working with External Partners,” Kristin Ludwig of ASCO, Melanie Martinez Santos of the NCI, Rachel Salis-Silverman of AACR and Chris Zurawsky of AACI emphasized that we all have mutual interests, including an understanding of the value of federally-funded cancer research and an interest in increasing the public understanding of scientific research and its benefits. They shared ways to engage.


  • The new NCI director is visiting cancer centers across the U.S., meeting with investigators, going to grand rounds and touring campuses. These visits provide a great opportunity for press coverage
  • NCI’s PDQ. This syndicated, board-reviewed and updated cancer information is available for use by cancer centers
  • NCI social media channels: 80 percent are international with 95,000 followers
  • Facebook Live events are opportunities to get involved, submit subject matter experts
  • 1-800-4-Cancer contact center for questions
  • Videos, visuals and fact sheets on cancer topics


  • 40,000 members in 120 countries
  • Journals: Cancer Research and Cancer Discovery
  • Magazine for patients: Cancer Today
  • Annual meeting has 200 reporters and 60 PIOS from cancer centers on site
  • Advocacy for research; rally Sept. 13 in DC
  • Blog: Cancer Research Catalyst always looking for content and invites guest posts
  • National Cancer Research Month is May; #RealHopeIs; looking for patient stories
  • Social media; AACR Foundation Facebook page


  • 35,000 members; international
  • 40,000 attendees at annual meeting
  • 120 cancer types and syndromes written by experts and translated into Spanish; blogs with cancer center doctors
  • Printed materials
  • Cancer Opinion Survey; opportunity for cancer center experts to comment
  • Infographics
  • Social media channels available for co-promotion
  • “I live to Conquer Cancer” campaign advocating continued cancer research funding


  • AACI Update newsletter: Ten times per year, collects and distributes cancer center news on research, awards, grants, leadership changes
  • AACI Commentary: Quarterly platform for directors
  • Advocacy: AACI wants to know of policy or lawmaker visits, events to promote HPV vaccine

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