Introducing OncLive®: Partnerships to Build Your Institution’s Brand and Advance Care

By Noelle Stango, Manager, Strategic Alliance Partnerships, OncLive®

Over 10 years ago, OncLive® introduced a one-of-a-kind partnership program that highlights the research, faculty, and messaging from top cancer centers across the nation. Today, we are partnered with 40 of the top 50 ranked cancer centers in America! Through a partnership with OncLive®, institutions build their brand messaging, enhance their national reputation, and educate the oncology community on cutting-edge research.

OncLive® is a part of a greater parent company, MJH Life Sciences. Under the MJH umbrella we have over 60 franchises spanning the health care continuum, full-service CME and event management teams, and large-scale agency service capabilities. In recent years, we have elevated our partnership program to incorporate the key areas of success within our parent company: SEO, meeting management, and clinical trial recruitment. As we collaborate with our partners, we are eager to develop more opportunities to meet their unique needs. Some great examples of what we have built out over the past year include:

  • Meeting Management: In 2022 alone, MJH hosted 1700 events! Utilizing our extensive event resources, 5 OncLive® partners were able to execute large-scale annual meetings. MJH’s shared services handled the event logistics, planning, marketing, and more for our partners.
  • National Awareness Opportunities: OncLive® has built out several unique initiatives alongside our partners to help enhance national exposure to physician and patient audiences. In these campaigns we use US News & World Report ranking metrics and social listening capabilities to create a campaign that aligns closely with the institution’s key goals and priorities.
  • SEO: From a digital perspective, we work with partners to ensure that the institution appears as the top search result for treatment centers. We align on SEO and SEM strategies, audit websites, and utilize cutting-edge resources to maximize online visibility.
  • Clinical Trial Recruitment: Many partners have come to us with an unmet need in clinical trial promotion and recruitment. Through our unique partnership with Quilt AI we are now able to look at potential patient behavior within a specific geographic location. Leveraging this technology, we can crawl the internet to see what it is that patients are searching and serve native content that meets their needs.

We are excited and energized to continue working with so many bright minds to push the needle forward in oncology care.

If you are already an OncLive® partner, looking to elevate your brand and reach new goals, let’s discuss ways in which OncLive® can help you get there!

If you are new to OncLive® and don’t know where to begin, we’re here to help guide you!

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