Meet the Directors

At this year’s Annual Meeting, NACCDO and PAMN asked Roy Jensen, director of the University of Kansas Cancer Center, and Gary Gilliland of our host, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, to serve on the Directors’ Panel. They talked about the importance of communications and philanthropy and of research innovation and NIH funding.

A few of their comments:

Jensen: “We couldn’t have done practically anything that we’ve accomplished in the last 14 years without the strong commitment of the KU endowment.”

Gilliland: “It’s important to communicate in a clear and concise way… Our patients are benefitting from the work we have done. That’s the most important message.”

Jensen: “In a matrix center communication is absolutely essential. … We are better when we work together.”

Gilliland: “Research drives progress. It’s very important that we emphasize the fundamental need for innovation in research… We need to take risks. We need to let our investigators do things that are risky, to try and to fail.”


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